Wednesday, April 29, 2009

We'd appreciate your prayers...

This week the Paraguayan Pastor, who works and lives at the church plant (Mi Esperanza - MY HOPE) went to check the electric meter for the church. While checking he noticed that something was stuffed in there, by someone?!?

What he found was a clay "vodoo doll" with leather cords tied all around it and little sticks poking out of its body. Here in Paraguay, this is an item of witchcraft to try to intimidate and scare those that receive it. Basically, this means that someone, or group of someones have been praying curses on our church and us, as Pastors of the church.

When we got together, we prayed and destroyed the item. In the midst of prayer the Lord reminded us of what happened to the god Dogan and the people of Ashdod in I Samuel 5. If you remember, these people got more than they were bargained for when they tried to humiliate our LORD.

We have been praying that for God's protection and for those who placed this item that they would turn their lives over to Jesus! Please stand with us in prayer.

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Pete said...

Thanks for sharing, our prayers are with you and Mi Esperanza