Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today, is a special DAY

I believe that today is the most important day in our calendar. Now, you can argue for Christmas, New Years Day, Thanksgiving or any of our other holidays. But, I am convinced that today is above them all.

New Years Day has marked the turning of years and decades and centuries and even millenniums. Thanksgiving reminds us to be, well thankful. And Christmas we celebrate the birth of the greatest man that ever lived.

But, only on this day... Resurrection Day ... do we celebrate a miracle that occurred only one time in history and only for one person. Only on this day can we say that Jesus, with His own power, raised from the dead! On this day, we celebrate the fact that Jesus, who was once dead, is now alive! On this day, we rejoice because we know that since He lives, we also do not fear death. Because he lives we know that we will live once more. Because he lives, the payment for our sins has been accepted and we can be forgiven and have Eternal life. Because He lives... all things are possible!

Today, we celebrate! Why? Because He is alive!!!


Please enjoy this video from youtube, it is one of my favorite songs about the Resurrection:

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