Monday, April 20, 2009

Throwing Roof Tiles...

A couple of weeks ago we had a terrible storm here in Paraguay. The clouds got dark like any other storm. The temperature dropped a little, like normal. And then it changed. To this day, I am not sure what it was, but the sky went black. You could see the darkness creeping across the sky like so much spilled chocolate pudding moving across a table (I don't know what that means). Anyway, when we saw those clouds forming we all began to run.

For the next 1/2 hour it was DARK. Ominous! The wind beat against everything and the rain fell, very hard. Days later everyone was talking about the Humo Negro (Black smoke) and how they thought Jesus was coming back. Wouldn't that have been the best?!?

But, instead, we had to clean up. We picked up pieces of debris and many of the fallen tiles from the roof. Then a few days later we had to repair everything, including about 15 roof tiles. Below is a video of how we got the tiles on the roof. Not sure why this is the chosen method, but it sure was fun!



Melanie said...

I think they do this in order to only have one person actually standing on the roof (the tiles break pretty easily with the weight of an adult male standing/walking on them). I had tile troubles many times and I wish they would have been this inventive! Usually I had to replace a few more each time someone went up! (I kept buckets under the leaks in the end!)

sinclair said...

that is random! but sure does look fun! maybe you can start doing that in place of volleyball, i bet you were tempted to pass the tile to your buddy :)