Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wow - has it really been a month?

I am so sorry that we have not updated the blog in so long. Not having internet at the house - really slows down our progress on the things that are important. And, keeping this blog updated is very important, so that you know what is happening with our lives... and of course, so that you can be praying! Thanks for your patience. We are still without internet, so I can't promise to do much better, but I will try :)


As most of you know, our family was hit hard by some virus last week. All of us felt the not-so-fun affects of this virus, but Andrew was the most affected. The poor kid spent two nights in the hospital attached to an IV that was giving him medicine and fluids. In the end, he threw up about 100 times, drank about 5 bags of solution and had five different shots… and he looked really cute shuffling down the hallway in his hospital gown and slippers. We are pleased to say that as of today, we are all virus-free and back to eating more than just Gatorade and unbuttered toast. ☺