Wednesday, February 04, 2009

On a Mac?!?

Well, I don't think I broke any records, but that which is not supposed to happen has just happened. My Mac crashed!

Yep, the Hard Drive went kaplooie (not sure if that is how you spell that word, but it sure is fun to say). The tech geeks are trying their best to save as much of my data as they can, but the status report as of yesterday was not very encouraging.

So, I have dusted off the not-so-trusty-but-functioning PC and trying to stay in the loop.

I did however, find an old picture on this computer to share. This is when we first got here to Paraguay. This picture was taken after flying almost 24 hours. Good times!

I can't believe that we have been here for almost 7 months. It sure has gone by fast and it sure has been fun to watch as God has met us in every way through the transition, THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS!