Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What's shakin...

We were.

On Sunday, we felt the biggest earthquake since we have been here in Costa Rica. In reality, there are earthquakes here all the time, but most are teeny and too small to feel.

But this week you couldn't miss it. First, the dogs barked (which is nothing new around here). Then there was a noise, like an explosion. Then for 2 seconds the house shook like it was hit by a big wrecking ball. Fortunately, nothing was wrecked!

In the end, only Megan woke up concerned about the big noise. As we all know from reports about China and all around the world, earthquakes are not matters to laugh at. Praise God, He has kept us safe once again.



JonesFam4 said...

we didn't enjoy our experience of this early this year either, but it did remind me of how much I'm SO not in control

Brenda said...

We experienced lots of earthquakes while we were there. . . I kind of miss it. Keeps life exciting!