Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Good Theology

Tonight as we were walking back to school for Spiritual Emphasis Week, Megan was telling Andrew about Jesus.

Aside from being incredibly cool for us to watch, Megan was pretty excited about the chance to tell her brother about her friend, Jesus. In reality, I have no idea what Andrew can understand in his 3 year old way of thinking, but the reality is, Megan knows that she needs to share Jesus with her family and her friends.

Point 1 - Tell people about Jesus! (Matthew 28:18-20)

Then she was talking about how Andrew can follow Christ. She said that if He followed Christ, then he could tell someone else about Jesus and that person could tell someone about Jesus and then that person could tell someone about Jesus.

Point 2 - This is good discipleship - take what you have learned about Jesus, teach it to someone else so that they in turn can teach it to someone else. (II Timothy 2:2)

Then she said... and if you tell someone and they tell someone, etc, then the whole world will hear about Jesus and then Jesus will come back!

Point 3 - When the whole world has heard Jesus will come back! (Matthew 24:14)

So, what does a six year old know? A whole lot! In fact, I'd say (even as a proud father) that she has a good grasp on her faith and how it is all supposed to work.

1) Tell People about Jesus
2) Teach others to tell people about Jesus
3) Bring back the KING!

Way to go Megan... Daddy is proud of you!