Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My son...

Tonight I was doing my homework when I heard a faint voice calling my name, it was like listening to Little Lucy Lu who was no more than two... except it was Andrew. He had to go potty and we had a few moments to talk while he sat :). Anyway, no to embarrass the poor kid, but in those few moments we had a great conversation.

It started out like this...
John - "do you know who loves you?"
Andrew - "You do, daddy"
John - "do you know how proud I am of you?"
Andrew - (smile)
John - "do you know that I can't be anymore proud of you than I am right now?
Andrew - (smile), "I'm done daddy, can I go back to sleep?"
John - "Sure, come on... I love you son."
Andrew - "I love you, Daddy."

You know, sometimes I feel like I am living a Hallmark commercial? I can't tell you how much I love my kids. I mean, each of them are amazing. Sometimes, Caleb and I laugh for ten minutes at a time for no reason, he just loves to laugh! Megan, lost both of her front teeth and she can still blow a mean bubble. Today, Alison, did a cartwheel off a balance beam in a gymnastics show at school!!! And Andrew, well, he just loves his daddy!

I used to watch the Amazing Race and other Reality Shows and wish I were on those programs... running in the sand, climbing the mountains, doing cool things... Then I realized the real REALITY... my life is already AMAZING... not because it is always perfect (yeah right), but because God has been good enough to bless me with four wonderful kids and a fantastic bride.

Life is funny isn't it? It passes so quickly and we forget, that which we thought was unforgettable. Tonight, near the potty, I was reminded of the simple things... and the greatest of these is love!


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Dolly said...

Hello John and Lisa, It was good to hear from you and I'm glad to report that as of yesterday, I've had no pain. That is a great PTL and I also enjoyed reading your blog. It was great....Dolly