Saturday, May 01, 2010

Labor day in Paraguay

Today is May 1st - can you believe it?!?

Today, in Paraguay most businesses are closed and workers are home enjoying time with their family. In our neighborhood kids are playing soccer, loud music is blaring and some men are drinking pretty heavily. Aside from the radios, the day is pretty quite with most people relaxing outside in this beautiful fall day.

One of my favorite parts of Paraguay is the "relaxed" atmosphere. Sometimes, there doesn't need to be a reason to pull out a chair and enjoy the shade. But, on these special days, when most are home from work ... well... on these days, relaxing becomes a true art form!

I am reminded that God said that we should relax (or at least "be still) so that we can hear His voice. I trust that you are enjoying your day - I am going out to find my chair and my spot in the shade!


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