Thursday, April 15, 2010

Making a difference...

Sometimes it is not easy to know how you can make a difference. But, the reality is, sometimes helping out is as simple as seeing a need and being willing to fix it. Usually, as in my case, it requires that you jump in without much idea of what you are doing :)

A few months ago a Short-Term Missions team came here from three churches in New Jersey. They had a wide variety of experiences, gifts, temperaments, abilities, etc... but they all came with the greatest quality of all: Willingness. The C&MA church in San Antonio, Paraguay was in desperate need for a new roof. The old one was falling down and would not repel the heat of the sun, causing it to be way too hot to meet in the church during the day.

In less than a week, the team from New Jersey along with the C&MA Missionaries and some very capable Paraguayans replaced the roof and repainted the church. The difference was astonishing. Well done, my friends.

If you would like to bring a team to help with the ministry here in Paraguay - please send me an email and let's talk. Until then, enjoy the video below.


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