Friday, March 13, 2009

2 quick but important things

I have two things to share today... one is a request for prayer and the other is something that YOU HAVE TO SEE!

1) First of all... please pray for the Mission's Team that is coming from New Jersey. They arrive on Saturday (March 14th - which is also Caleb's 2nd birthday) and work like crazy until next Sunday. They will be working in schools, sharing their stories, preaching (the one's that speak Spanish), and constructing all sorts of things. Please pray for their health, for a loving atmosphere at all times and for the impact the God will have through their ministry and on their hearts!

2) Second... some of you know that my brother is a Missionary in Thailand. You have to check out what God is doing over there. Just a quick explanation. Thailand is like 98% Buddhist and really to be Thai is to be Buddhist. So that means, when he tries to share Jesus those who would accept are most times seen as betraying their culture and their country and will often face economic and family persecution. For this reason, there have been very, very few people who have come to Jesus in Thailand. But, recently God has been doing amazing things!!! First my brother went into a prison and led a dozen or so to Christ. Then those who came to Christ led another dozen or so to Christ. And it just kept multiplying. Now, two of the men who were in the first group that came to Christ have been released from prison and are going into villages sharing Christ. Recently, like last week, they baptized a number of people from the first village that they entered. Check out the video here:

Jim and Kahty have an amazing email network for prayer requests and praise reports. Send them an email an hop on their prayer list and be apart of what God is doing around the world!

As always, thank you for your prayers for us here in Paraguay, too! We are thankful that you are on the team

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Anonymous said...

Prison ministry is the original open door---we're involved with Bill Glass here in the U.S.--and how wonderful to hear about these inroads in Thailand via prisons! May His Word explode in that country as men and women are set free indeed! Lisa (a friend of Bostons)