Thursday, July 10, 2008


Today, has been labeled the "Day of Pain."

Today, we get our immunizations for Paraguay. Perhaps a wiser family would have spread them out during the course of this year. But, not us! Oh no, certainly, not us

Today, all of us get our shots. Here is the tally: (In ascending order of pain...)
Alison - 2
Caleb - 3
Megan - 3
Andrew - 3
John - 3
Lisa - 5

Did you catch Lisa's tally? She is the queen of Pain!
(It is probably best that we not tell her I called her that) :)

The good news is after the pain, we all go for ice cream!



Brenda said...

One step closer to Paraguay! Hope you guys don't get too sick after the injections :(

Beth Lorow said...

Um...since Lisa gave birth to four children and moved her entire family and household to South America, I'm thinking that five shots were probably a walk in the park!