Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Missionary life...

Someone once told us that the life of a Missionary is full of "hi's" and "good-byes."

Although, we haven't been missionaries very long, we certainly can attest to the truth of that statement.

I don't know if it gets any easier, but I can tell you that this part of being a missionary sure hurts.

We have three more days here in Costa Rica and we are saying good-bye to some great friends. It's pretty wild though, in one year we have seen Missionaries leave from here to bring the gospel to the entire Latin American world.

No, it isn't easy saying good-bye, but It has been our privilege to be counted among such amazing people!



JonesFam4 said...

We're praying for a smooth transition for the whole family! The other day Cam prayed for water "all over in the Sappia's house", now I'm thinking God could read into that correctly, hoping it didn't flood and that you had some extra running water!

Brenda said...

Pretty soon you will be saying HELLO to your new missionary family. We are all looking forward to that!