Sunday, March 07, 2010

I once was blind...

Last fall we received the great news that the students from Nyack College were beginning to raise funds to help with the work in Paraguay. Spurred on with this information we began to dream of practical ways that we could help touch lives and share the gospel. One of the events that we have done is a vision clinic. We are working with a local foundation, whose goal is to make quality eye care affordable to everyone. In November, we held a clinic in Mi Esperanza, then once again February in both the churches in Lambare and in San Antonio and coming soon another clinic in April in the church in Downtown Asuncion. To date, we have seen almost 200 people go through the clinics, each receiving excellent eye care and the good news of Jesus Christ.

One great success story is Alejandra. Alejandra's family could never afford to pay for eye exams and was unaware that her increasing blindness was due to her defective corneas. Since, age 13 she has been led around and has been unable to cross major streets alone for fear of not seeing the cars. Thanks to the generous donation of some excellent supporters Alejandra visited the clinic in Mi Esperanza, her condition was diagnosed and was operated on last month to replace one of her two corneas. The Doctor flew in from the United States with the replacement corneas and did her operation along with 13 others during the week that he was here. Alejandra is recuperating, but doing very well. She has told us that she can now see better out of "that eye" than she has been able for the past 15 years! After she is completely healed, the doctor will return to replace the other cornea. By the way, each operation cost $500.00. So, we are very grateful for Your support!

Here is a video that we made with Alejandra on the day of her surgery (in January). I will soon return to her house and make a follow-up video... Until then, I'd like you to meet Alejandra:

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