Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Ok, so I had the chance to pop on line and I saw that the last blog entry I posted was over a month ago and I was talking about trying to keep up with the blog. Get a life!!!

In reality, not having internet at home has been difficult and we can't tell you how much we miss our friends and family back home. I keep trying to encourage myself by thinking of the missionaries in the past who would leave "life" behind and travel by steamer ship across the ocean. The journey would take months and the mail would take longer. Life, thanks to technology, sure has gotten easier. Well, faster at least!

Really, we want to thank you for your patience. Many of you have still be emailing, writing through Facebook, and even sending gifts to our car fund and packages filled with goodies for our family. And this does not include the times when you are praying for us! We love you all very much and are so thankful that even though we have not been able to connect, you have been "hanging with" our family.

Internet, according to the guy, should be here in two days. Mind you, he said that 2 weeks ago! Appreciate your prayers, we are looking forward to reconnecting with you on a regular basis.

I am going to make a slide show of some random pictures (above) so that you can see a little bit of what has been happening to us! (the pictures are of a new haircut, the new church building, the new house, the new car - all sorts of NEW STUFF... can you say transition overload :)


John and Lisa

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