Saturday, May 03, 2008

Ox Cart racing, anyone?

One of the customs here in Costa Rica are painted Ox Carts. This past week we had some great friends visit us (Thank you, Rett, Becky and Jeanne, for the good times!

One day, we went to the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, and Lisa and Rett were able to ride on one of these beautiful devices. Below, our valient Lisa takes us on a journey, at break-neck speeds, in the painted ox cart.

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Eleno5485 said...

John and Lisa-

I saw the video the C&MA made of you and your family for the GCF today in church. I really enjoyed seeing you again and hearing about your adventures. It was a great encouragement to my heart to realize that even though it seems as if my husband and I are getting a slow start towards the mission field, God will take us there someday, even if it's after several years of marriage and a few kids :)

Thanks for showing me again what joy there is in listening to God's heart in our own and following his lead and timing! I'm praying for you!

-Judy (John knew me in El Salvador summer, 2006)