Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Weekend in Paradise!

Well, it was time to renew our visas once again, and that means leaving Costa Rica for 72 hours. Our first plan was to take an 8-hour bus ride to Nicaragua, but when we found out there wasn't any more room, we were left with only one option: Fly!

So, what did we do? We prayed and God answered. Thanks to Ed and Wendy Mastellone and their amazing family we spent a weekend in El Salvador with Julia, Wendy's sister-in-law. Already having a special place in our hearts for El Salvador (since John has been down there 3 other times on Mission's trips) we were excited for the opportunity to return. However, we had no idea just how awesome God's blessing was going to be!

It didn't take us too long, after arriving, to realize that we were in for a very incredible weekend. The house where we stayed had 5 bedrooms, a swimming pool, lots of relaxing lawn chairs, and through the back gate, the Pacific Ocean.

So, thank you Dino, Julia, Ed and Wendy! We had a great time!

Check out the pictures:


Brenda said...

Great pictures! Enjoy the beach while you have it. . . :)

JonesFam4 said...

NICE!!! Don't you love it when God spoils you!