Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Breaking Through...

Hello there...

Tonight I was thinking about Jesus' resurrection. As I was thinking about that I was thinking about a struggle that I have been having over something. It is one of those things in life that you just seem to struggle with. You know those things?

Well, I was thinking about both of those realities, my struggle, and the vast amount of power it must take to raise someone from the dead. I mean, think about it. Jesus was dead. Beaten, hair pulled out, mashed to a bloody pulp, stabbed, smacked, punched, pierced, battered and bleeding everywhere. And then in three days... he was alive! Walking, talking, eating... ALIVE!

Imagine the rumble of the earth as the power of God broke forth upon the land of the dead. Imagine the coming of our Lord, to place his nail-pierced foot once more on our earth. Imagine the angels watching in wonder... the long silence of the weekend shattered by the awesomeness of the reality that the SON was back... Imagine the power that must take.

And as I was thinking upon such things... I heard a quiet voice in my heart. John... don't you think, if I can exert enough power to raise again from the ash heap of death... That I can exert enough power to get you through this struggle in your life?

Of course, the answer is YES! Yes, God you can do it. Yes God you can do it!!!

Don't look now, but I think there is some rumbling in my heart... I wonder what God will do?!?

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Fun to see you guys here on a blog I enjoyed the comment, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves." It's so true. Like there is something holy in using a telephone plugged into a wall. :-)
God is good and I pray that you have a wonderful trip home to the states and then back home. My brother-in-law is a Pastor and he and my sister are missionaries here in the states with AMOC. Did I tell you that before?
Loved your pics, the children are adorable.
I have a business blog if you'd like to see, there are photos of us. It's at
In Christ's Love and hugs to all,